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Thrifting always makes me feel Better


I'm an idiot. ^_^ I decided that yesterday during one of the busiest shifts of the week that I was going to wear high-heeled platform mary janes. You've seen me in these shoes, they are one of my favorite pair of heels. They are black mary janes that have a thick high heel that might as well count as a platform even though they are heels. But I figure the heeled boots I'd been wearing had hurt so bad and I had worn those mary janes to college before with successful results, I figured I'd be okay.

Not so much. Even walking today has been like a chapter of the original little mermaid tale- where every time she walks it feels like a thousand knives are sticking into each foot. I wish I were exaggerating, but I am not. So we did go shopping/thrifting to find me new work shoes.

Here is what I came home with:
1 pair of way cool riding boots (that can be worn to work)
1 pair of flats for work
2 pairs of perfect fitting Levi's jeans, size 12
1 Aerosmith Tshirt
1 Marcy Playground CD
2 books (vampire novel and a romance novel)
1 polka dotted motorcycle styled blazer
Dino stickers for my room
moon stickers for my room
2 packages of beads from the dollar store

not to mention new dishes for the kitchen and
a few things to recon to sell. All for under $60 bucks.
God I love not having sales tax on clothes.

who feels a lot better
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