Meg the Wicked Gem (mermaidsvoice) wrote,
Meg the Wicked Gem

I know because some of you have my myspace and facebook that you get this a lot, but I've gotta tell my LJ only friends, too. I feel like someone has plugged me in and I just can't stop working. I mean, certain negative things going around have inspired me to do well, but that's not all of it. I have put in holy shit amount of time on these projects, it's been ridiculous. The first thing I did when I moved in was plug up my sewing machine! Within a week I was updating etsy. Then I did avatars, finished Preaching to Angels and published that, I've already written eleven parts of Waltzing with Demons, four of which are published. I've created, my myspace and facebook, and I've joined so many tribes just to try and get the word out there it isn't even funny. I have worked and worked and worked trying to network and publicize this movie, because I honestly believe in it and what it stands for, and I can't stop thinking. The other day at work instead of reading a book I made a list of stuff I hadn't done that I could be doing to promote this flick!

So now there is Yes, I came up with the idea for an etsy account dedicated to clothing inspired by Cyberpunk Opera and Dub for Babylon to help balance the cost of the movie. Paul even gave me permission to use his stencil for a few of the shirts. The shirts are pretty reasonably priced for handpainted tees and stuff. Just please, I implore you, help us out. I've worked too hard for this not to work. Off to the drawing board to figure out more stuff.

You know, I'm tired and I've got a cold, but I've never felt better before in my life.

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